We are pleased and proud to announce that our acquisition by Netceed, formerly ETC Group, is complete. Netceed is a global leader in distribution, logistics, technical engineering, and product design with over 30 years of expertise and performance supporting the telecommunications and broadband industry. Founded in 1993 by Cédric Varasteh, Netceed supplies and distributes a comprehensive range of passive and active equipment and tooling for network deployment, upgrades, and maintenance, supporting all technologies including FTTH, FTTx, HFC, Wi-Fi, 5G/mobile, and data center. Netceed’s comprehensive portfolio of 70,000+ products from nearly 1,000 industry-leading suppliers, along with their value-added supply chain solutions support carriers’ seamless delivery of high-speed Internet, Video, Data, and Voice services to Residential, Business, and Mobile Users. Netceed employs over 1,550 people across 15 countries and counting, and its experienced team works hard every day shaping the future of communication networks across the globe.

Being Powered by Netceed, allows us to further expand our global footprint and range of end-to-end connectivity products and technologies we will offer to our customers. We’re committed to driving network solutions with our combined company’s greater scale and supply continuity. There is no near-term change in how our customers or partners will interact with our company. Both organizations have the same steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and reliability and are committed to ensuring you are met with the level of service and partnership you expect and deserve. Together we’re dedicated to continuing to unlock value for our customers and partners, while opening doors to expanded opportunities. We’re looking forward to all of the positive enhancements that will be made possible by the joining of the former BTV Multimedia Group and Netceed.

With Netceed, we’re working hard every day to help deliver the future of communications today by providing our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of network components and expert product selection, intelligent distribution, and value-added logistics services. Our unwavering focus is on increasing the speed and reliability of supply chains to open new possibilities for our customers with:

  • More certainty in supply availability, on-time delivery, and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Transformative agility and efficiency
  • Technical expertise and experience in advanced technology and infrastructure solutions
  • Enabling the future of connectivity with global reach and scaling potential

The essence of our combined company comes down to the right mix of people, products, partnerships, and processes, working hard every day for greater impact and a better future. Thank you for trusting us with your continued business and partnership.

For additional questions, please reach out to your day-to-day contact at STW.