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Since our foundation in 2005 we convince with a highly specialized offer. By using the latest technologies, our own fiber optic cables and the necessary know-how, we guarantee the professional implementation of your network expansion.

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With two locations in Tyrol and an extensive planning and installation team, we have been flexibly serving the entire Alpine region, southern Germany and northern Italy in fiber optic expansion since 2005.


With sustainable solutions and a focus on fiber to the home, we put our emphasis on modern installation methods such as splicing, blow-in and measurement technology, but also active network components. We plan your network from the very beginning and take care of the professional documentation of all project and expansion steps.

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From consulting to planning, project planning to implementation, commissioning and documentation, we support you in the implementation of your project.

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Calibration & pressure testing are indispensable elements in the installation of fiber optic. Calibration involves matching devices such as splitters, amplifiers and optical components to ensure smooth transmission of data. Pressure testing, on the other hand, ensures that the fiber optic is robust and undamaged to meet requirements. These steps guarantee the quality and reliability of fiber optic to enable interference-free transmissions. Calibration and pressure testing are essential components of fiber optic expansion.

Two techniques are used to install fiber optic in pipes or ducts during the rollout of fiber optic networks: blowing and jetting. In blowing-in, the cable is quickly and efficiently inserted into a conduit using compressed air or other gases and special blowing-in equipment. In the case of jetting, the cable is securely embedded in the conduit with the help of a hardening material called a jetting insert. These techniques can be used in combination to achieve optimum results when laying fiber optic.

The expansion of fiber-optic distributors and local exchanges leads to fast Internet, for example in rural areas. A network plan is drawn up, fiber optic cables are laid and modern distributors and local exchanges are built to guarantee secure access to technologies and services. Although the construction is complex, it significantly improves the digital infrastructure.

The expansion of a fiber optic network requires planning, measurement and documentation in order to operate it efficiently and reliably afterwards. Planning defines the structure and requirements, measurements record the current status and reveal weak points, while documentation provides various overviews for subsequent adjustments based on legal regulations. Competent and consistent execution of these services guarantees safe network operation.

You can see it in our name – STW stands for “Splicing Technology West.” Splicing is a central and complex process in the construction of fiber optic networks, it requires specially trained professionals with high dexterity. It involves splicing two fiber optic cables together to ensure interference-free transmission.

Splicing work involves preparing the end of the cable and carefully connecting the fibers, protected by a protective sleeve (crimp or heat-shrink splice protector). Subsequent measurement work verifies the performance of the cable with special measuring devices that measure transmission speed and capability. Without this work, the construction of a fiber optic network would not be possible.

Our products

In addition to our sophisticated services, we provide you with a wide range of field-proven components from market-leading suppliers, as well as our own fiber optic cables.

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Various pipe systems protect one of the core elements of a fiber optic network: the fiber optic cables. Whether subducts, microcable pipes, speedpiped or entire pipe assemblies – both indoors and outdoors, we rely on high-quality solutions from our partners. The pipe systems are not only particularly resistant to external influences, but are also specially optimized for blowing or jetting in the cables.

In some cases, indoor cable connections via coaxial, twisted pair or fiber optic cables are insufficient, or unsuitable due to length restrictions or installation effort. Wireless connections such as WLAN or Bluetooth, on the other hand, enable a wireless connection, but are more susceptible to interference and can have lower data transmission speeds.

In-house networks therefore often use supplementary network cables that are specially designed for connecting computers and network devices. Different types of network cables, differ, for example, in transmission speed, distance and susceptibility to interference. In addition, the deployment and correct configuration of network devices is also important, such as routers, switches or access points. Thorough setup and maintenance of these devices is crucial for an optimal network.

The house connection: a connection that changes lives. It creates a bridge between the public fiber optic network and the end customer’s home network, providing access to high-performance Internet and telephony services. With an elegant connection box inside or outside the house, the home connection is a valuable element of fiber optic expansion. Investing in the home connection is worthwhile: fast and reliable Internet has become indispensable for many people and can also be invaluable for companies to run their business effectively and efficiently.

In addition to the hardware mentioned above, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of components for your broadband network. This ranges from the junction box in your subscriber’s home to the outdoor cabinet for signal distribution to the individual connector.

With solutions from leading manufacturers that have been tried and tested over many years, as well as products developed in-house by our group of companies, we ensure the efficient setup and trouble-free operation of your network.

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STW Spleißtechnik offers you access to an in-house web service tool as part of your expansion project. This allows you to view the current status of your project at any time via your browser. Open and transparent communication is very important to us, because this is the only way we can work effectively. In the tool, you not only have the possibility to query the project status, but also to communicate directly with us or our fitters.


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